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Title: Visual TimeAnalyzer
Page Link: Visual TimeAnalyzer -
Posted By: review freak
Created at: Friday 25th of November 2011 03:31:25 AM
Visual TimeAnalyzer

Developer: Neuber Software

TimeAnalyzer - a program that analyzes the time when you used the program or on the Internet. TimeAnalyzer Features:

Opportunities for the registration of individual users or specific projects;

Detailed reports on the time of each program;

Bring life, pauses, projects, costs, software and Internet use.

Opportunities for parents to supervise children using the computer. Use TimeAnalyzer:

Find information on working hours and breaks;

Monitor your ho..............etc

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Title: oscar nominees 2012 Best Visual effects
Page Link: oscar nominees 2012 Best Visual effects -
Posted By: Ashwini
Created at: Friday 31st of August 2012 03:51:54 AM
Best Visual effects nominations are :
1. Rise of the Planet of the Apes
2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
3. Transformers: Dark of the Moon
4. Real Steel
5. Hugo


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Title: Photo Effects
Page Link: Photo Effects -
Posted By: review freak
Created at: Wednesday 30th of November 2011 06:15:35 AM
Photo Effects

Developer: AMS Software

Photo Effects - a new program for processing photos with the help of various filters. With it you can completely transform any image. The program allows you to use more than 50 effects, including both traditional and original. You can see their photos in the rain and snow, in fog and the clouds, to add sunlight or whirl in a typhoon ...
You can combine effects and create truly fantastic compositions . Selected filters applied to the entire image and to its parts highlighti..............etc

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Title: Visual FoxPro Professional
Page Link: Visual FoxPro Professional -
Posted By: review freak
Created at: Wednesday 07th of December 2011 12:40:39 AM
Visual FoxPro Professional

Developer: Microsoft Corporation

One of the main benefits of Graphic FoxPro 9.0 is its full interface with earlier editions of the product. Companies will be able to make app in Graphic FoxPro 9.0 and use the resources of Graphic FoxPro 8.0 for their use. Thus, programmers can take benefits of characteristics of the new foundation without being worried about interface of established programs with the new playback. With VFP 9.0, you can make web-based programs and COM-components, and no att..............etc

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Title: Adobe After Effects CS3
Page Link: Adobe After Effects CS3 -
Posted By: review freak
Created at: Thursday 03rd of November 2011 04:38:09 AM
Adobe After Effects CS3 Pro

Adobe After Effects - a product to create and modify visual effects and motion graphics and video. The product is tightly integrated with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Encore DVD, Adobe Audition, and Illustrator, which allows you to organize a continuous and efficient technological processing and editing professional-quality graphics and video capabilities .

Community Adobe After Effects is the ability to customize the user interface to your liking. So you can change th..............etc

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Title: Visual Terrain 20
Page Link: Visual Terrain 20 -
Posted By: liji reviews
Created at: Saturday 29th of October 2011 01:12:30 AM
Visual Terrain 2.0

Visual Explorer - allows you to create 3D models of landscapes using data from many sources, including digital data, graphs and contour maps digitized. The models are based on different combinations of colors, including the simulation of landscape painting to an abstract object and a graphic overlay. They can be seen from all angles and include 3-D objects or characters. Using the built-in utility path Creator, you can create a panorama, and the leakage of animation. Visual Explorer..............etc

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Title: Adobe After Effects
Page Link: Adobe After Effects -
Posted By: review freak
Created at: Thursday 01st of December 2011 03:39:57 AM
Adobe After Effects

Developer: Adobe Systems

Design program Adobe After Results CS5 offers endless opportunity for imagination to users experienced in the field of activity and Movie styles. An outstanding range of functions Adobe After Results CS5 are sure to wow any expert, enabling you to make uncommon graphic outcomes and interesting lively images, can tackle the beauty of 3D-graphics design the highest-grossing videos. In Adobe After Results CS5 presented its own specific look for screen, it is outfitted with co..............etc

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Title: Visual Renamer
Page Link: Visual Renamer -
Posted By: review freak
Created at: Saturday 19th of November 2011 01:23:57 AM
Visual Renamer
Developer: Softplisiti

Visual Renamer solve large numbers of files to rename number of possible models. This is a professional program that can rename files in a user-friendly interface, simple and easy to use. Uniqueness of Visual Renamer - to view the process. Each rule can be renamed by a graphic diagram, reproduced in manuscript, written in a programming language specific. Advanced users can create their own rules of renaming functions using the script, and the graph is created automatically. Change t..............etc

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Title: Studio Effects
Page Link: Studio Effects -
Posted By: review freak
Created at: Wednesday 30th of November 2011 04:08:39 AM
Studio Effects

Developer: AMS Software

Business Results - a new application that will easily help your images with the help of lots of exclusive filter systems. Professional photography effects are now available to everyone. Simply choose the preferred result, and enjoy an excellent result! application allows you to add a great gleam and fog, produce the results of water, ideal, super and a starry sky, and much more. Create the result of old images and images in pad, as well as variety, engraving, book case..............etc

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Title: Sapphire Adobe After Effects Plugins
Page Link: Sapphire Adobe After Effects Plugins -
Posted By: review freak
Created at: Wednesday 30th of November 2011 06:16:24 AM
Sapphire Adobe After Effects Plugins

Developer: Genarts, Inc.

Perhaps you need a beautiful lighting effects, such as flash or lightning, or you need to transform the film or video? Adobe After Effects Sapphire Plugins offers over 220 different visual effects artists and editors.
More than 220 plug-ins, each of which has options and parameters. Sapphire Adobe After Effects Plugins allows you to configure your plug-ins and create an unlimited range of static and animated effects. All effects include multi-processor ..............etc

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