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Title: Love dialogues Malayalam
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Posted By: [email protected]
Created at: Monday 22nd of October 2012 12:42:56 PM
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Love dialogues Malayalam

Love is seen in each every corner of earth....Without proper love,we can't live in this world........If love lost ,there may occur war between people.......See some of the latest Love dialogues Malayalam ....Feel the beauty of love throgh these pictures.....Read and enjoy.............

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Title: Funny dialogues malayalam
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Posted By: munshi
Created at: Monday 15th of October 2012 12:13:16 PM
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Funny dialogues malayalam

You want to laugh guys...

Here is the reason...


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Title: malayalam film dialogues
Page Link: malayalam film dialogues -
Posted By: munshir
Created at: Friday 13th of July 2012 10:11:42 AM
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malayalam film dialogues

some famous malayalam film dialogues are given belowww...

1. “Davidetta….Kingfisher unda, chilled?” (Thuvanathumpikal, 1987)
This tops my list as these words effectively convey the intricacies of Mannarthodiyil Jayakrishnan. Shot at the Sharabi bar in Casino hotel, Trichur this scene is also famous for Mohanlal gulping down a bottle of beer in a single shot.

Kingfisher could have quadrupled its sales by using this dialogue but alas, those weren’t the days of surrogate ads and brand placements.

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Title: Malayalam film comedy dialogues
Page Link: Malayalam film comedy dialogues -
Posted By: MNSR
Created at: Saturday 10th of November 2012 01:36:25 AM
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Malayalam film comedy dialogues

For Malayalam film comedy dialogues..plz watch below.............

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Title: Malayalam comedy dialogues
Page Link: Malayalam comedy dialogues -
Posted By: abid review
Created at: Tuesday 31st of July 2012 09:21:36 PM
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Malayalam comedy dialogues

Here i am going to show you some of the Malayalam comedy dialogues...Watch and Enjoy!!!

Mananar Mathayi Speaking

Mannar mathayi undo?
Illya undillya ntha unnano unnatto

Nee kure nerayallo ivide kidannu parungunnu. entha ninte prasnam?
chetta ente peru Balakrishnan nnane
ooh appol atha ninte prasnam?

Mathayi chettan ini oraksharam mindippokaruthu.

Atheda nthe patt..............etc

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Title: malayalam dialogues
Page Link: malayalam dialogues -
Posted By: munshir
Created at: Wednesday 04th of July 2012 11:05:09 AM
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malayalam dialogues


Marannum poruthum jeevikkan Mannadiar Shudrano Vyshyano Brahmanano onnum alla... Mannadiar Kshatriyan aanu.... Kshatriyan....Mammootty in Dhruvam


sangeetham padikkanamenna mohavumayi chennu kayariyathu oru simhathinte madayil...Usthad badusha khan..agraham ariyichappol dskshina vekkan paranju..ooruthendiyude ottakeesayil enthundu....sangeethathinte adyaaksharangal padippicha ammaye manasil dyanichu ....... raagathil oru keerthanam padi ...paadi muzhumippikkum munpu virayarna kaikal..............etc

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Title: Malayalam film funny dialogues
Page Link: Malayalam film funny dialogues -
Posted By: [email protected]
Created at: Tuesday 11th of December 2012 11:33:02 AM
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Malayalam film funny dialogues

Some of the Malayalam film contains so many funny incidents....Are you looking for Malayalam film funny dialogues??....Here it is......See some of the latest and best collection of Malayalam film funny dialogues......You will surely laugh while seeing this.....Hope you like this......


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Title: Malayalam love dialogues
Page Link: Malayalam love dialogues -
Posted By: munshi
Created at: Saturday 13th of October 2012 05:30:15 AM
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Malayalam love dialogues

In this section....

me giving you some Malayalam love dialogues...

you want it....

guyz...plz read...

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Title: Love malayalam dialogues
Page Link: Love malayalam dialogues -
Posted By: MNSR
Created at: Saturday 10th of November 2012 02:00:19 AM
Love malayalam dialogues


Here me posting some Love malayalam dialogues....

watch it...


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Title: Comedy dialogues in Malayalam
Page Link: Comedy dialogues in Malayalam -
Posted By: [email protected]
Created at: Monday 03rd of December 2012 06:33:58 AM
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Comedy dialogues in Malayalam

Are you looking for comedy dialogues in Malayalam ??....Everyone likes comedy....It give us some happy and unforgettable incidents.....See some of the best comedy dialogues in Malayalam... Select the best one from here......Read and start laughing.......Hope you like this collection.......Happy viewing.......


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